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Beijing and Bangladesh, 2008

On one of my father and I's trips to Bangladesh, we took the opportunity to visit Beijing! It was an incredible experience. There were not many english speakers, but the hotel we stayed at had a pretty good solution: they had cards for basically everywhere that you could take with you and show your cab driver. Make sure to grab your hotel's card too so you can get back!

In the photos below you will find the Beijing National Stadium, also called the Bird's Nest. We were in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics; however, we did not get to attend any events. Seeing the city in full Olympics-mode was quite impressive nonetheless. There were huge numbers of people. We ended up meeting a reporter and getting invited to their hotel which was right next to where the olympics were being held, so we got to watch the Olympics on TV next to where it was actually being filmed.

The other coolest experience I had while in China was the opportunity to walk on the Great Wall. It's been quite a while since I was there, but I still vividly remember walking up and down the steps and over the hills. I remember thinking how lush the forests were and how beautiful the stone of the Wall looked juxtaposed with the greenery.