About Me

My name is Cory Leigh Rahman, and I just graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in Geographic Science. I will be joining Booz Allen Hamilton in July 2016 as a Junior Geospatial & Remote Sensing Specialist. I consider myself a centerline Geographer, although my skillset is very technical. I have studied diverse aspects of Geography including spatial science (GIS & RS), effective cartography, and environmental & urban sustainability.
Origins & Interests:
I was born in Ohio on a cold Christmas, but was raised in Northern Virginia in the suburbs of Washington DC. I was raised in a multicultural home, visiting both Bangladesh and upstate New York quite often to see family. My education at James Madison University helped me prepare for my exciting new job at Booz | Allen | Hamilton. I've picked up a few hobbies over the years: mainly birding, reading, guitar, and recently coding. I also fill my time with the occational video game, or watching some of my favorite shows like Elementary, Psych, Scrubs etc.