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Population Growth Modeler

This program estimates population after a specified number of years. The user is able to set a wide variety of parameters to fine-tune the model, as seen in the demo below.

Cory's Population Growth Modeler

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***Using Input Values***

Starting Population?: 3000
Estimate the population after how many years?: 30
How many iterations would you like to run?: 100

Random variable extents:

Minimum reproduction rate?: 0.9
Maximum reproduction rate?: 1.3
Minimum death rate?: 1
Maximum death rate?: 1.1
Minimum hunted per year?: 20
Maximum hunted per year?: 50
Percent chance of an event occuring that changes population?: 2
What number shall we multiply the population by for this event?: 0.9

Out of 100 iterations:
Number of events occured: 28
Minimum value: 1475
Maximum value: 22600
Average: 12038

Start Over? Yes(1) or No, End Program(2): 2

Thanks for using Cory's Population Growth Model! Goodbye.

Source Code: