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About This Website

This website acts as a working repository for my (Cory Leigh Rahman's) personal and professional interests. I hand-coded the site myself using html, css and jQuery; no website builders were used. I implemented self-taught responsive web design principals so that the site's content could be accessable from any device size.

Under the Geography section of the site you will find my ePortfolio containing a web resume and examples of my work. Under Birding you will find information about the awesome hobby of birding, as well as plenty of photos I've taken. Under Lifestyle you will find more personal information about my life and interests. Select Contact on the right to find ways to reach me.

The website started out as just a place to host assignments from college, but has since grown into an item that I'm very proud of. After being introduced to basic web design in my webmapping class, building this website became somewhat of a hobby. The site started out as a basic, non-responsive desktop site with a home page and a page for each of my assignments and web maps. Eventually I added more pages such as the About Me page and Birding pages, so a more robust navigation system became necessary. In one big coding month, December 2015, I totally revamped the website: I added the current navigation system and responsive web design. I have been continuously updating the site with improvements and page additions since.

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